Customers are important.  You can tell because every company website has a section titled “service” or “support” and annual reports abound with CEO platitudes.

So why is the customer experience so bad at so many companies?  Quite simply, most companies treat the customer experience as merely a cost to (and not an investment in) their business.  As a result, they waste both time and money.

Clearly, something must change.  To reap the benefits of loyal, engaged, and profitable customers companies must focus their efforts at the pivot point, the point around which an initiative succeeds or fails.  These decisions and actions make the difference between positive ROI and waste, between high growth and stagnation.

Among the questions Pivot Point Solutions can help you answer:

  • Are we focused on the right initiatives?
  • Do we have the right people in the right jobs?
  • How engaged are our customers?
  • Will they buy more from us?

Contact us, read the blog posts, or consult these helpful resources to determine which Pivot Points matter to your business.


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