The Internet is littered with information regarding customer service and care, and the experience.  Some is well-researched and written, but little is actually useful.  The chief shortcoming is its extremism.  If your mantra is “give the customer what they want” you may be in for a short, unprofitable run.

Each interaction is a balancing exercise between extremes.   A balance exists between high cost, high quality service and low cost, low quality service.   There is little challenge in selling products for free.  Similarly, there is little challenge in delivering palliatives to assuage upset customers.  The challenge is to create value for both seller/consumer (mutual benefit) to lead to profitability.

Delivering a high quality or world class customer experience at any cost is not the end-game.  So I’ll focus on what I call “pivot point” solutions to help professionals address this balance.  We’ll examine critical junctures and factors to consider when designing and implementing the ideal solution for your business or organization.

Why Pivot Point?
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