Sure it was an internal publication.  And maybe it was tongue in cheek.  But let’s agree that using Osama bin Laden as an example of mobile phone boarding pass technology was at least poor taste, at worst stupid.

Training your customer service representatives is serious business.  They are, after all, the face of your brand.  So when a staid company like British Airways makes a blunder like this they need to spend some time and energy recovering.

Your team that deals with customers may be the most important group of people that work in your company.  It is beyond comprehension that a company would choose to use the name of a man who has sworn to destroy so many innocents.

Shows how far out of touch BA is with its customers.  What should BA do to emerge from its mistakes and embarrassment?  Read more here.

The pivot point is that how your company communicates with your customer team is incredibly important precisely because that message gets communicated to your customers. Regardless of whether this ill-fated publication was approved by upper management or just slipped by, it makes a statement.  One statement for sure is that a company that can’t manage to catch a slip-up like this may not catch the real thing either.

British Airways… [Not] Their Finest Hour
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