In honor of customer service week, highlighting my popular posts:

  • The Secret to Accomplishing More – It’s no secret that customer service departments, like all others, are asked to do more with less.  The secret (shhh), is companies that do a few things with focus, are better able to satisfy their customers than companies that do many things with mediocrity.
  • Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat – If your company is like most you have problems with customer service.  Those problems may emanate from poor products, over-sold capabilities or legitimately bad service itself.  It makes sense to plan what to do when things look darkest.
  • Tea Leaves, Tarot Cards and Customer Service – Most companies think they know how their customers view them.  Most companies think they understand what their customers want.  Most companies are wrong.
  • Steps to Employee Engagement – I read a good post at HBR not too long ago whose premise was that if your employees don’t know what your company does, it’s unlikely your customers will.  Unfortunately not only do employees not know what the company does, they don’t know that what they do matters!
  • Cutting Costs vs. Saving Money – There is a big difference between cutting costs and saving money.  Although both are looking to free up budget resources, saving money is helpful while cutting costs is harmful to organizations.

Appreciate your feedback and continued readership… come across a topic you’d like more information about? Let me know!

Popular Posts in Customer Service
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