Ever get unsolicited calls from someone trying to sell you something?  I got one the other day and was reminded why they are generally unsuccessful.

The salesperson went through a brief introduction of himself and his company (they outsource technical support).  Then he mentioned some customer names to pique my interest.  (Perhaps he thought we wanted to emulate those companies?)  He left his contact information and followed up with an email to be sure I had his contact information.  All in all, it was standard fare for an outbound sales call.

Here’s why he didn’t/won’t receive a return call.

The call focused on what he wanted.  In a message that lasted sixty-two (62) seconds, he told me what I could do for him… four (4) times!  Not once did he appeal to my business needs.  Was I trying to:

  • Reduce costs?
  • Increase customer satisfaction?
  • Drive revenue higher?

I had zero incentive to pick up the phone to help because – what he wanted doesn’t matter.  To earn the return call he should have painted a clear picture of how his business, product, or service could solve my problem.

The pivot point is that we must ensure our phone calls and emails serve customers’ needs.  If our value-proposition solves our needs alone, customers have no reason to respond to our well-intentioned outreach.

Why What You Want Doesn’t Matter
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