Without the right employees, your business is destined to fail.  Pretty harsh statement?  Absolutely, and for good reason.  William Blake once wrote that “execution is the chariot of genius.”  And what (or rather who) carries out those ideas?  People… people are the first pillar to successfully aligning your business to your customers.

Though necessary, it isn’t enough to find talented people.  Even though most people prefer talented employees to those lacking specific skills, the fatal flaw in too many companies occurs when we fail to match talent and passion to need.  For example, a baseball manager who hires a biathlete fails two parties.  The manager fails:

  • The team – because the team doesn’t need the biathlete and
  • The biathlete – whose talents, skills, and passions are neither valued nor used by the team.

As you start a company, or even as you re-tool a team, Goal #1 is to ensure employees are in the right jobs.  Have you inadvertently hired the biathlete?  Do you need one?  And if so, are they in the right position/function?  Are your best product marketers marketing products?  Are your best sales people selling?  Or have you got your best engineers handling finance?

The pivot point is that employees aren’t as interchangeable as employers often believe.  Employers must match the skills and passions of people to the jobs that must be done.  Otherwise, all we do is use the wrong tool (in this case, human capital) for the job.

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Aligning your Business to Customers: Pillar 1 – Employees
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