Wondering how to jump-start your customer experience initiatives this year?  Or want some innovative ideas to integrate into your plans as you start the year anew?  Here are the top 10 posts people referred to throughout 2012.  Judging from the titles alone, Employee Engagement is a common challenge.


  1. Employee Engagement and Profit – Which Comes First?
  2. Why it’s so hard for Companies to Treat Employees Like Assets
  3. Customer Service in a Monopoly
  4. Who (or What) Really Motivates Employees?
  5. Believe, Change, ACHIEVE!
  6. Failing Grade for @BassettUS
  7. Customer Service Levels Decline
  8. Matchmakers Improve Engagement
  9. Steps to Employee Engagement
  10. 3 Ways to Quantify Customer Service Success

The pivot point is that every journey has a starting point.  Begin your transition here and enjoy a Happy New Year!

Top 10 CX Posts of 2013
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