Ever get the feeling that customer experience is an accident at high tech start-ups?  Accidental customer experiences occur for two main reasons: history and size (yep, size matters).


  • History – A lot of high-profile start-ups grow out of unique technical solutions or identified market need.  Many founders have backgrounds in technical or sales leadership which often means that perfecting the pitch and product take precedence over the customer.
  • Size – By necessity, when funding is scarce, the small scale of the organization precludes a functional discipline watching out for customers.  When companies are small people fill so many functional roles that customer experience isn’t likely to be one of them.  Sales, marketing, development? You bet.  But who watches out for the customer?

These ‘reasons’ do not mean that customers can be ignored.  The pivot point is that the customer experience must be intentional, not accidental.  Regardless of whether the company is large or small, anything but intentional customer experience will result in a train wreck for your customers and your business.  In my next post I’ll recommend some easy and inexpensive ways to keep the train on the tracks.

Accidental Customer Experience (Part 1 of 2)
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