How well does your company know its value proposition?  Not what makes the products/services valuable to you, but how those products and services help customers.

do not bend

I was reminded of this critical distinction recently as I sorted through the mail at our home.  When did “do not bend” become synonymous with “quality”?  It must have been when photographs were considered valuable, couldn’t be created at home, and long before Kodak fell from grace.  Times have changed.  Now when I see “do not bend” stamped onto the outside of an envelope, I assume it is unsolicited and insignificant.

What is your company’s “do not bend” statement?  Take a look at the following  examples of some S&P 100 catch phrases (selected and arranged in no particular order) and consider which ones appeal to your sense of value.  Which ones don’t?

The pivot point is that IF the language of what is valuable to us is worthless to our customers we’re quickly discarded as junk mail.  What are you inadvertently conveying to your customers that adds no value and wastes their time?

Customer Value – Do Not Bend
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