Thanks to a friend of mine (@pangomarketing) for sharing a link to a Richard Branson blog which stated, “the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.”  Branson’s message is elegant in its simplicity and powerful in its truth.  He’s right of course but there’s more to itWhat to do is simple.  How you do it has far-reaching consequences.


When employees are treated badly they pass that poor treatment to customers hundreds and thousands of times over.  The cost of poor treatment is magnified.  The costs don’t stop there, however.  If customers complain publicly via a social media outlet or in conversations with a friend the word of mouth (WOM) tax costs even more because that single employer/employee interaction ripples on and on.

The reverse is also true but takes the form of a dividend (this is what Branson wants after all).  If the employer/employee relationship is healthy it lays the foundation for a healthy (and profitable) company/customer relationship.  The efforts of that single employee impact the customers with whom he or she comes into contact.  And then ripples outward paying dividends as customers talk to one another.  The positive effect of this relationship yields real benefits.

All of this seems rather common sense so what’s the point of rehashing it?  As the SHRM found in its 2012 study, “employees value their relationship with management… are looking for ways to make this relationship more effective, which… will likely increase employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity.”

The pivot point, whether you call it the golden rule or something else, is to treat others with respect.  It really is worth your time!

Word of Mouth (WOM) Marketing – Taxes and Dividends
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