You’ve set the goal and your team knows the mission and is ready to begin.  Go!  While this is an admirable start (some companies never get this far) don’t stop and declare victory just yet. Make sure you measure progress effectively.

Since Formula 1 just left town I thought an analogy using an automobile’s instrument panel would be fun.  Even my teenager who does not (yet?) drive like Vettel or Grosjean might see the similarities.  Take a look at this photo and think about how these indicators might apply to measuring customer experience goals.


If your company is like most, they probably have measurement tools to account for:

  • Direction – are we headed toward the goal or not?   Can we tell when we are off track?
  • Speed – how fast are we going and will we reach our goal on time?
  • Resources – how much budget has been allocated and how much is left?

Unfortunately, many companies fail to measure other equally important aspects of their customer experience initiatives such as:

  • Efficiency – how effectively are we using the budget?  How many miles per gallon or kilometers per liter can we travel?  And can we do so more efficiently?
  • Stress – how much longer can we sustain the effort without further investment?  How much strain are we placing on the organization?  (How high is the temperature gauge?)  Do we have high frustration levels, and turnover rates?  Use the Gallup organization’s questions to gauge employee engagement.
  • Quality – in the search for speed and efficiency, are we sacrificing quality?   Or as I tell my teenager, “any idiot can drive fast, it takes skill to drive safely.”

If you want a mediocre experience, then it’s fine to measure direction, speed, and resources.  But if you want to operate at the highest levels and to deliver successful customer experience initiatives the pivot point is that you must also be attuned to additional indicators on your instrument panel like efficiency, stress, and quality.

Measuring CX Goals Effectively
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