Last year I put together a ‘most read’ post.  It was well received last year so I’m repeating this year.  Before I jump into the content, however, happy New Year!  We hope 2014 brings you closer to achieving your goals and is a year of deep personal fulfillment.  Please contact us if we can help you accomplish your customer experience goals!

getstarted Here’s the list of the most popular posts in 2013:

  1. Creating Memorable Customer Experiences is More Important Than You Know
  2. Believe, Change, ACHIEVE!
  3. Employee Engagement and Profit – Which Comes First
  4. The Danger of Ignoring Your Customers
  5. Integrating Social Media into a Customer Experience Strategy
  6. Uni-tasking Your Way to Excellence
  7. 3 Ways to Quantify Customer Service Success
  8. The Chain Reaction between Performance Appraisals and Customer Experience
  9. Why it’s so hard for Companies to Treat Employees Like Assets
  10. Customer Service in a Monopoly

The pivot point is that every journey has a starting point.  Begin your transition here and enjoy a Happy New Year!

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