Customer service is the same in organizations whether they have “1 or 1,000 employees.” This, anyway, was an assertion in a recent HBR postContrary to what the author wrote – [company] size matters.


In the next three (3) posts I will focus on the unique challenges/dangers that different-sized companies face and how to address them before they negatively impact your business.  To give you a sneak preview, here are the differences.

  • Verysmallco – Customer experience is an after-thought
  • Smallco – Customer experience is a key to growth
  • Largeco – Customer experience is seen as an expense

The pivot point is that different-sized companies face different challenges.  Obviously, the people solving those issues will need to have and exercise different competencies to overcome the challenges.

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Customer Experience – Size Matters

7 thoughts on “Customer Experience – Size Matters

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  • 24 October 2014 at 07:24

    100% agree with that. Size does matter. It changes a lot of things.
    For example, small companies struggling to get their first clients will probably spend a lot more time with one client while still actually spend a lot less time taking care of customer service overall.

    Big corporations see customer service as a cost because they are receiving a huge amount of requests / calls everyday. They have a decision to make: either they give excellent service to all those people and in that case raise or cut costs somewhere else (Zappos chose customer service and cutted costs on marketing for example).
    Or they divide their customers into groups (VIPs / normal crowd). The VIPs then pay more for their upscale service.
    Or finally, they choose to deliver cheap service to everyone and focus on marketing and acquisition rather than retention. (that’s generalizing but it describes what many companies do).

    I think small companies should deliver outstanding service. It’s the best way they can actually steal customers from big corporations. For big companies the problem is completely different and it’s a question of which strategy they decide to adopt from the beginning.

    But yes, size does matter 😀

    • 24 October 2014 at 08:29

      Aurelie, thanks for the valuable comments! I will touch on many of these points (and others) in my next series of posts. (You have any interest in writing a guest post for my blog?)

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