I heard recently that April is Customer Loyalty Month.  Perhaps this has always been the case and I am discovering it late.  Regardless, let me go on record as saying that declaring April as Customer Loyalty Month is counterproductive.

Instead, customer loyalty should coincide with Children’s Day.  Let me explain.

It must be universal for children to ask their parents, “if there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, why is there no Children’s Day?”  It must be equally universal for parents to respond with “every day is Children’s Day.”  Looking back, my recollection is that this was a patently unsatisfying answer.  I confess I have offered the same unsatisfying response to my children.  To quote from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, “so it goes.”

Declaring April as Customer Loyalty Month is symptomatic of what is wrong with the discipline of customer loyalty.  Pausing to prioritize customer loyalty during April implies that we can continue as (what passes for) normal during the other 11 months and ignore our customers.  So it goes.


Instead, our customer loyalty endeavors must be:

  • Each day
  • Every day
  • All day

If this sounds like a relentless focus on customers, it should.  Customers are our raison d’être.  An unwavering customer focus is the exact kind of “so it goes” our industry needs.

The pivot point is that treating loyalty as a priority sometimes means that it is NOT a priority at other times.  We have already seen, and indeed are experiencing, what happens when customer loyalty, service, and experience are treated as discrete events instead of a continuous journey.  The world is already littered with under-performing companies that decided to spend only an afternoon focused on customers.

Why is April Customer Loyalty Month?

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