Too many customer experience (CX) initiatives never get funded because they miss the point. Too many people mistakenly advocate for improving the customer experience, enhancing customer service or boosting customer satisfaction. To get traction in your organization, you’ll have to make the conversation about business value.


By avoiding the business value of CX initiatives, proponents do a disservice to the customer experience discipline and perpetuate the notion that CX is merely an “optional” adjunct to the business. Business leaders get understandably frustrated because CX initiative sponsors spend too much time on what they are trying to do and not enough time on how it helps the business.

  • Until the CX community links customer experience activities to better business results the C-suite will continue to relegate them (programs and practitioners alike) to the forgotten hinterland of business.
  • (And frankly) unless those initiatives translate into improved business results they should remain frozen and unfunded.

The goal is to drive profitable business results by creating value for customers. It may seem like an overused cliché, but the best CX initiatives are win-win propositions. Better customer experiences impact improved results in a number of ways. Among them:

  • Lower customer acquisition costs – positive experiences create brand promoters who sell your company and your products for you through powerful word of marketing
  • Improved profitability – satisfied customers are more likely to make repeat purchases
  • Higher margins – customers are willing to pay more for good service

The pivot point is that improving the customer experience, enhancing customer service or boosting customer satisfaction must support the business goals of an organization.  Unfortunately, too many people fail to understand that this triumvirate of customer focus areas forms the means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

CX Initiatives with Business Value Get Support
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