Revitalize how you think about and act on improving the customer experience at your business in 2017 by reviewing the 10 Most Popular Customer Experience posts of 2016.

A series I started in 2013. This year was interesting because some older posts got renewed interest and some even cracked the Top 10.  (Number in parentheses shows how many years the article appeared on the annual Top 10 list.)

  1. Bad Bosses at Good Companies (3, at the top of the list each year since 2014) – Got a bad boss? Trying to decide whether to leave or not? Before you flip a coin to determine your fate, consider another factor – the company.
  2. Customer Service in a Monopoly (4) – Because monopolies lack right market incentives to improve service they won’t. Here’s what is needed.
  3. Employee Engagement and Profit – Which Comes First? (3) – A Gallup study proves causality between engagement and profit so we must invest in our employees to reach our financial goals
  4. When to Implement an Omni-channel Customer Experience (1) – Implementing an omni-channel customer experience program may be exactly the wrong plan for your business – learn why.
  5. American Airlines’ Poor Policy Costs $75,000 (1) – Penny wise and pound foolish, companies like American Airlines should seek ways to serve customers and earn their loyalty instead of implementing policies that alienate customers.
  6. Customers Willing to Pay for Exceptional Service (1) – The fastest way to profits may not be acquisitions, innovation or cost-cutting, but in taking care of customers.
  7. Why it’s so hard for Companies to Treat Employees Like Assets (2) – Sounds good on paper, but tough to implement because of ownership and self-interest. Break the bonds of common thinking.
  8. 8 Reasons why customer retention is more important than acquisition (1) – The first guest post to crack a Top 10 list courtesy of Mark Johnson.
  9. 3 Ways to Quantify Customer Experience Success (4) – Wondering what to measure to create extraordinary experiences? Consider these 3 ideas.
  10. Price is just one part of the Customer Experience (1) – Satisfaction derived from price is temporary. Instead, companies must focus on building, selling, and delivering value.

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10 Most Popular Customer Experience Posts – 2016
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