If the toxic political climate has you questioning our basic humanity (1) you’re not alone and (2) make yourself familiar with Purple Table.

According to their website, Purple Table services are for “those who are living with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, PTSD, TBI, a hearing or vision impairment, or other physical or cognitive condition that may benefit from a more predictable environment and additional accommodations when dining out.”

Three [main] things impressed me:

  1. To expand their opportunities, these companies have identified an underserved (unserved?) market
  2. To serve these customers (the market) they are addressing the customer experience by training certain employees to be more aware of and capable of handling their customers’ unique challenges and needs
  3. These changes will truly connect employees to a greater purpose and the financial results will show it

The PBS vignette serves as a powerful reminder of how aligning company capabilities with a market need creates opportunities.  And the humanity demonstrated was a welcome shot in the arm when so much in the US is off the rails.

How are you finding new market opportunities?  And what are you doing to enable your company to service those new needs?

Aligning CX Needs with Capabilities – #PurpleTables
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