How are you going to improve your business this year?  For starters, realize that improving the customer experience is a high-impact way to transform your business.  Read on to jump-start your business in 2018 by reviewing the 10 Most Popular Customer Experience posts from 2017.

I started tracking this information in 2013. Four articles made their debut on the Top 10 list this year – a testament to the importance of the customer experience.  One article made the list each year!  (The number in parentheses shows how many years the article appeared on the annual Top 10 list.)

  1. Bad Bosses at Good Companies (4, at the top of the list each year since 2014) – Got a bad boss? Trying to decide whether to leave or not? Before you flip a coin to determine your fate, consider another factor – the company.
  2. Customer Service in a Monopoly (5) – Because monopolies lack the right market incentives to improve service – they won’t. Here’s what is needed.
  3. Believe, Change, ACHIEVE! (2) – The last time this article made the Top 10 list was in 2013.  With the job market so strong in 2017 it seems like people are ready to make a move.
  4. Employee Engagement and Profit – Which Comes First? (4) – A Gallup study proves causality between engagement and profit. Net: we must invest in employees to reach your financial goals!
  5. Price is just one part of the Customer Experience (2) – The satisfaction derived from a low price is temporary. Instead, companies must focus on building, selling, and delivering value.
  6. I Want it NOW!Newcomer #1 for 2017!  This article reminds us that because each customer is unique each has unique expectations for their experience.
  7. When to Implement an Omni-channel Customer Experience (2) – Implementing an omni-channel customer experience program may be exactly the wrong plan for your business – learn why.
  8. United Airlines’ Actions – Legal but UnwiseNewcomer #2 for 2017 because of United Airlines’ handled an overbooking issue with physical violence.  This incident set a new [low] bar, even for airlines.
  9. Job Fit Critical for Employee EngagementNewcomer #3 for 2017!  People aren’t bad, but a poor job fit might make you think they are.  Read this 2014 article to change your view of which people should and shouldn’t make the cut.
  10. Not in the CX business to make Customers HappyNewcomer #4 for 2017!  This “contrarian” view will help you calibrate your customer-focused actions to achieve better business results.  Don’t confuse the ends with the means.

Check out the Top 10 Lists from prior years.


Top 10 Customer Experience Posts of 2017
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