I’ve written in the past about how following your own path can lead you in surprising and rewarding directions.  For readers who doubted (and perhaps still doubt) whether or not this is actually possible, here’s a great example.

I recently heard from a friend about a job change he’d made.  And when I checked up on his change, I realized that he had indeed changed companies but more importantly he changed careers!

While his degree was in Education his first several jobs were in web design.  Then he transitioned into software product design.  But now he leads talent acquisition for a multi-billion dollar financial services company.  What happened?

As he described it to me, he was frustrated with working on teams as a designer/developer.  He’s a problem-solver so not surprisingly he started to consider “why” he disliked working on the teams. He concluded that it all came down to hiring, culture, training, and enabling teams.

The genius part of the story is that he didn’t have to discard his acquired skills but instead built on his existing strengths and applied them in a unique way to a totally different part of the business.  In his words:

I have just taken the same focus and collaboration it takes to be successful in building products and just applied design thinking, etc. to what is important to bring together successful teams. I’ve really enjoyed it!

Using my Maslow model (see earlier post) I assume he was at Level 4 (Professional Growth) in his previous role.  And now he’s transitioned to a new role and likely to Level 5 (Purpose).  What does his employer get?  A highly engaged person!  What does he get?  Purpose, fulfillment and an enjoyable means to survival.

The pivot point is to trust that you can [also] make the change.  Start now, your potential and happiness is at stake!

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