I had a positive interaction at a car dealership recently that reminded me of how valuable transparency is in the customer experience.

Within an hour of dropping off my car for service:

  • The dealer sent me a short video (via text and email) with narration by the mechanic.
  • In it, the mechanic visually confirmed where the problems were and pointed out one or two more things.
  • At the end of the video he indicated that he would tell the service representative what he found and that I would hear from the representative with alternatives to resolve my complaints.
  • The email itself included the contact information of the service rep.

(While there may be other suppliers of such technology, my dealer used QuikVideo.)

Here’s verbatim text from the email:

we want our customers to make informed decisions when it comes to buying and servicing their vehicles; therefore your technician has highlighted any recommendations with an explanation of when and why these repairs are required.

Wow, what a difference!

  • NO wondering about IF anyone had looked at my car – they had
  • NO doubt that what I had described was what was being investigated – it was
  • NO question about the next step – it was explained to me with a clear definition of who would reach out and when
  • NO surprises

What could they have done better?  I thought the experience was an upgrade from a previous dealership but I still came up with a few ideas to make it better:

  • Automate a breakdown of the quote so I could authorize or refuse each line item
  • Create a similar video showing the finished work and workmanship

The pivot point is that transparency improves trust.  The dealership set a new standard for service. Because the experience is differentiated it becomes a reason to select this dealership over another one.

How Transparency improves Trust
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