In a previous post I wrote about a NPS Success Story and committed to explaining how we used closed-loop feedback to improve the customer experience.  Read on to learn more.

The main elements of our closed-loop system are these:

  1. Respond to the response – closing the communication loop says “we care.”
  2. Accept and appreciate the feedback – guaranteed you will not like to hear all the input.  But, anyone who responds has a vested interest in seeing your company succeed and they are telling you how to do this.  So, I’ve always felt that expressing gratitude is required.  After all, the customer could have done with your survey what most others do – nothing.
  3. Take actions – for us this is a trifurcated set of options.  (a) For upset customers, we aim to identify and resolve the problems.  (b) For happy customers, we try to enroll the customer into a referral program.  (c) For customers in between, we ask what we could do to earn their strongest recommendation.
  4. Share the results – we share results across the company so that we can learn from each other.  Much like a sales team measures quota attainment, we want account teams to look at loyalty metrics, seek out best practices,and compete with one another.   

The pivot point is that by taking a closed-loop approach our customers are more willing to provide feedback in the future, are more satisfied and loyal than before, and feel appreciated and heard.  So what’s keeping you from doing the same?

Closed-Loop Customer Feedback

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