Recent studies show compelling evidence that US customer service centers are moving their employees north.  The reason may surprise you.

It turns out that service representatives treat people better when they are cooler.  But when employees are warmer, for example when they work in a service center located in a hot climate (e.g. Phoenix), they become physically uncomfortable.  This discomfort translates into worse customer support and experiences, which, as mentioned in earlier posts, damages profitability.

Projected Job Migration to Canada Caused by Climate Change

Propping up profitability by moving customer service centers to cooler climates has led some industry experts to fear a job migration out of the US. One well-respected labor analyst described it this way, “the world isn’t getting any cooler, and companies want the most effective solutions.  So smart companies will bypass Buffalo NY in favor of Canada.”

Ultimately, the choices are clear:

  1. Endure terrible service from warm climate service centers OR
  2. Move service centers to Canada OR
  3. Fix global warming

The pivot point is that climate change is having a real impact on US company profitability.  US residents have got to determine just how hot the customer service kitchen must get before companies start crossing the Canadian border.

That concludes another April Fool’s post.  Not surprisingly, this study by Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management supports the notion that service representative comfort impacts customer service.  (Really!) For now anyway, the Canadian border remains safe. 

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The Surprising Reason Customer Service Jobs are Moving to Canada
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