If you have ever started a personal fitness program, you know exactly what it is like to encourage a company to begin a customer experience transformation.  Here are 4 steps to transform your customer experience fitness.

  1. Start the journey. Getting started is difficult.  While Confucius’ (or Lao Tzu’s) saying “the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” articulates a simple concept, the fact that so few take that single step illustrates the power of inertia.  Determine what you hope to achieve and begin. Research shows that investing in CX has high returns when done well.
  2. Overcome obstacles.  Progress is painful and slow.  Be realistic, companies coming to grips with their state of customer affairs experience early aches and pains just like those starting a personal fitness regimen.  “Hmm, so customers don’t love us after all?”  The journey will experience fits and starts and the things you discover will be eye opening if not pleasant.  Do not let the bad news discourage you from continuing the journey.
  3. Stay focused.  Competing priorities threaten to push us off track.  We are already busy enough we think.  We have to get a quote out, or react to a “catastrophe” with a customer, or hit our revenue plan.  Each of these tasks is important but letting these tasks overwhelm our main objective sends us back to our previous state so we must…
  4. Remember why you started.  We get confused as our goal “to become healthier” morphs into “I need to run 4 miles today.”  In customer experience, the same problem(s) exist.  We want to create better experiences.  Instead of doing that, we chase metrics and performance indicators that (a) mean nothing to customers and (b) fail to improve the experience.    

Transforming a company’s customer experience is an investment.  Just like personal fitness (where changes to weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol do not occur overnight), customer experience transformations encounter peaks and valleys.  The pivot point is that by maintaining CX commitments, companies attain financial goals from such things as simpler, more enjoyable customer interactions. Which lead to loyal customers who refer others, who buy more, so your company grows!

What are you waiting for?

Customer Experience Fitness Programs
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