Companies invest billions to develop new products and expand market share but their biggest growth engine (customers) remains untapped.  To transform your business in 2020, improve the customer experience. Below is the Top 10 Most Read Article List from 2019, which is a great starting point to reinvigorate your thoughts, plans, and actions to improve the customer experience in 2020.  Happy reading… and good luck!

(The number in parentheses shows how many years the article appeared on the annual Top 10 list.)

  1. Customer Service in a Monopoly (7) – The only article to appear each year since 2013, this one has staying power!  Because monopolies lack the right market incentives to improve service – they won’t. Here’s what is needed.
  2. Bad Bosses at Good Companies (6) – Got a bad boss? Trying to decide whether to leave or not? Don’t just flip a coin, first consider the company.
  3. 3 Biggest Customer Experience Mistakes (3) – A guest post which highlights the need to make experiences that are Effective, Easy, and Enjoyable.
  4. The Customer Care, Success, and Experience Continuum (2) – Although people use the terms interchangeably, they are quite different and require different skill sets to deliver.
  5. An NPS Success Story (Newcomer) – At the recommendation of a friend, I described how using customers’ feedback can transform a company.
  6. Is the Service Recovery Paradox Real (2) – Do customers really like your company better after you fix a screw-up?  I wanted to see what the research said.
  7. Customer Experience: the Only Path to Brand Loyalty (Newcomer) – Branding (the promise) is what companies are or hope to become.  The Customer Experience is a reflection of how well companies meet their commitments.
  8. Employee Engagement and Profit – Which Comes First? (6) – A Gallup study proves causality between engagement and profit. Net: we must invest in employees to reach your financial goals!
  9. Improving SLAs (Newcomer) – Common SLAs provide a false sense of security and create incentives that drive the wrong behaviors. 
  10. Why Customer Success Managers are Sales BFFs (Newcomer) – Learn how a separate CS function benefits 3 account relationship scenarios – repair, sustain, and grow.

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Use CX to Transform Your Business in 2020
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