Appreciate being included on Survey Sensum’s “top” list.  Sharing it because there are many others on the list who I respect greatly, from whom I learn a lot, and who I personally recommend.  Net: Good people to add to your network.

Here’s the link:  “The Super-Heroes of Customer Experience are here!”  (their words, not mine)

If you’re still struggling to answer the question “why” I’m including a ~20-minute video of a presentation by Joe Pine. 

Among the elements I found thought-provoking:

  1. Progression of Economic Value. Commodities are commoditized (of course), but so are goods, and now services.  The next area of value is in staging customer experiences.
  2. Common areas of focus are actually the antithesis of Distinctive Experiences.  Now, instead of being nice, they are memorable.  Instead of being easy, they are personal.  Instead of being convenient, experiences are places we want to be (longer, not shorter).

The pivot point is that curating high-value experiences is the way to establish, retain, and grow customer loyalty.

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