Kind thanks to the folks at ChattermillAI for including me on their list of the most influential people in CX. It’s quite a list and I’m humble to be included. I’m adding a link here so that others can broaden the sources from which they gain insights into CX and the ways it is improving business (and lives). 42 Customer Experience Experts You Should Be Following: A Data-led Analysis of The Most Influential Voices in CX | Chattermill

As to their methodology, in their words, we “filtered out any corporate/company accounts so that we could see who the influential people are in CX. We also filtered out people who aren’t directly involved within the CX, or customer-focused spaces. It’s important to note that the people on this list simply aren’t those with the most followers. These are the people in CX whose content is engaged with the most across Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels.”

The pivot point is to gather inputs and insights from a wide range of people to help you craft your own CX strategies. Please contact me, if I can help you in your efforts.

42 CX Experts to Follow
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