The three (3) main components to reap the full benefit

To use successful customer experiences as a growth engine companies must address three main focus areas.  My collaborative method involves your expertise to analyze each component and make recommendations to ensure the solutions fit your unique needs.

Build a business-transformational strategy

  • In-depth market analysis – Examine specific market dynamics with a focus on identifying threats and opportunities. Make an early decision about how/if a customer-centric approach makes sense for your business.
  • Optimize outcomes – Determine how to defend against threats and exploit opportunities.
  • Prioritize resources – Focus on initiatives with the highest impact in protecting you from competitive pressures while simultaneously leveraging the capabilities your company already has. Discern how sequencing certain programs can yield the fastest return on effort.


Create a customer-focused culture

  • Hire the right people – the “right” person for a job may not be the person with the fanciest degree or highest GPA. The right person for the job will be the person who, by doing the job, experiences a spark that gives them deep personal satisfaction.
  • Map the journey – the experience itself is impacted at multiple junctures. How does your company stack up at each one?
  • Pinpoint what customers want – are your improvement efforts aimed at areas your customers don’t care about? Make sure you work on “meaningful” touchpoints first
  • Define meaningful metrics – not all metrics are created equal. Too often companies track success metrics because they are easy to gather, not because they create the desired result.

Accelerate results

  • Track and communicate progress  – if a tree falls in the forest… Unless you carry out a plan to communicate results, your people won’t know if they are moving in the right direction or not.  And they won’t know how fast they are getting there which can rob your company of valuable momentum.
  • Develop powerful incentives – because people are different, they respond differently to different incentives. Understand the people who work with you and how their work impacts the business, then develop incentives that create a virtuous cycle of success.
  • Recovering from mistakes – the best companies and people with the best intentions still make mistakes.  We teach companies the most effective ways to transform mistakes into opportunities.


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